Solenn Heussaff has recently denied the notion of her using the backdrop of an urban poor community for her artwork for publicity, though stressed that she understood where the backlashes are coming from.

As reported on Inquirer, the actress, who spoke about the painting that was made as part of her third exhibit “Kundiman” during an interview with Julius Babao, stated that she decided to put the painting in the middle of the street since the whole exhibition was about environmental issues.

“The painting has an accompanying carpet. The carpet is the painting melting into the ground. This means that all that will be gone if we don’t pay attention or if we don’t do something on our own. It starts with one person, isn’t it? It’s not about me bringing awareness because we all know that there are environmental problems, issues, but what are we doing personally on our own or at home about the situation?”

The painting that angered netizens

Heussaff stated that that was her intention of sharing that photo, though admitted that she should have asked for other people’s opinions and see it from different perspectives as well – especially those who thought she was using the poor as a gimmick for her work.

“I know I am privileged, but that does not mean I am stupid or I do not know what will happen. So, it’s not because I’m privileged that I can’t care about the people I see every day,” she added.

She shared that her painting is titled “Isang Salita” and that it is meant to show freedom or abundance. The “Kundiman” exhibition is set to run from 26 March to 24 April.

(Photo Source: Solenn Heussaff Instagram, Inquirer)