Singer Siti Sarah Raissuddin recently expressed annoyance over some people questioning her actions in making some contributions as a thank you gesture to COVID-19 frontliners.

On 2 March, the singer posted a private message she received from a netizen who claimed that she and her husband Shuib, real name Shahmira Muhamad,  were “showing off” for contributing headscarves to frontliners, and accused her of trying to promote the said product.

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Siti Sarah shared the private message on her Instagram

Sarah wrote, “In our lives, we can never satisfy everyone. People question you if you do something good and it’s worse when you did something wrong.”

“Why are you so angry? Did I donate something haram for you to be so hateful? Did I give them drugs, or alcohol?” she asked.

The singer stated that her small contribution was trivial compared to what these frontliners have done for the people.

“A lot of these frontliners haven’t even taken a day off. They had to face a lot of challenges. What I gave them was too small to compare, just to make them a little bit happier, to at least give them some encouragement and make their day a bit better… Whether or not I was sincere is not for you to decide.”

Many had since expressed support for the singer in the comments, including comedian husband Shuib, who threatened to find the person who sent her the message.

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Shuib warns those who hurt his wife’s feelings that he will pull no punches