Show Luo’s effort in expressing support in the Xinjiang Cotton campaign has recently been mocked by mainland netizens, and that is basically because the singer has not been very sturdy with his stance.

As reported on ET Today, amid the controversy surrounding global brands like H&M, Nike and Adidas taking a stand against using Xinjiang cotton following allegations that there were forced labour involved, Show decided to join in with all the other celebrities in expressing his support for the mainland product by sharing the same poster that has been shared by them.

Celebrities have been sharing this particular image to express support for Xinjiang cotton

While some mainland fans were excited over the singer’s show of patriotism, others were sceptical of Show and believed that he was just doing so in order to curry favours with his mainland fans following his previous scandal and breakup with Grace Chow.

One netizen shared a photo of Show’s collection of Nike shoes, and wrote, “I am waiting to see if Show would burn his shoes, then I will believe him.”

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Show Luo has a large number of Nike shoes stored at home

The same was expressed by Taiwanese pundit Huang Kuan-chin, who said that while she rarely comments about celebrities, she would like to see if the singer would destroy his shoes collection as a show of loyalty.

On the other hand, another netizen noted that Show previously hinted of his support for Taiwan Independence when he bought a large number of Taiwanese pineapples, following China’s decision to abruptly stop the imports of the fruits, supposedly after finding various types of mealybugs in several batches of the fruit. The decision had caused a huge surplus of Taiwanese pineapples.

Show has already lost his mainland fans after cheating on his girlfriend Grace Chow

Photo Source: (Show Luo Instagram, Grace Chow InstagramSina, Star News)