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Shaun Tam recently admitted that he was elated to finally be able to work on a comedy through Amy Wong’s new TVB series, “The Forgotten Day”.

As reported on Mingpao, the actor, who had continuously played sombre roles in the past, stated that he was thankful to Amy for discovering another side of him and cast him in the series alongside Roger Kwok.

“After filming this series, I realised how relaxing it was. I also found a good filming partner, so there was chemistry. It was the happiest collaboration I have ever done since I joined TVB,” he added.

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Shaun in a scene from ‘The Forgotten Day’

Shaun, who named Jim Carrey and Stephen Chow as his favourite funnymen, also expressed hopes that he can do more comedies in the future, though it will depend on the right time and right cooperation.

“At this stage, I want to have stability, to be able to support the family, do what you want to do and being given more opportunities at work,” he said.

Shaun stated that while a lot of people said they didn’t make much money working in TVB, they actually have a more stable income.

“When I was working in mainland China, I have to play all kinds of roles, even rapists and murderers. The job was unstable. Now I have more roles to choose from,” he added.

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Shaun is the son of famous veteran actor Ti Lung

(Photo Source: Shaun Tam Instagram, Mingpao)