Selena Lee won't talk much about fiance, celeb asia, Selena Lee, theHive.Asia

Although the identity of her fiancé Anson Cha is already exposed, Selena Lee stated that it did not mean she will continue to speak a lot about him with the media in the future.

As reported on Mingpao, the actress, who was all smiles when she was approached at a recent event, declined to comment more about reports of Anson being life coach Brian Cha’s brother, saying that she would not comment on her fiancé’s family background.

“He is a good [fitness trainer] and has many celebrity clients, but I don’t want to talk too much about his work. I’d rather give him his space,” she said.

Selena, who has been dating Anson secretly for four years prior to their engagement, admitted that she even had wanted to announce her engagement much earlier, but decided to keep it on the low for a while to show respect for Anson’s privacy.

“People have recognised him and congratulated him in public now. He is still very nervous. Let him slowly adapt,” she added with a laugh.

Selena Lee won't talk much about fiance, celeb asia, Selena Lee, theHive.Asia
Selena shared the good news of her engagement on social media in February

Asked how Anson popped the question, the actress said that it happened even before she returned to Canada to film her drama earlier.

“He knew I liked the sea most, so he proposed while we went diving. He helped me put on the ring underwater, very thoughtful,” she said.

As for their wedding plans, Selena said that she would wait until both of their families can travel safely to Hong Kong for it, which meant it could be either this year or in 2022.

It is noted that Selena’s mother is residing in Canada while Anson’s family lives in the United States.

(Photo Source: Selena Lee Instagram)