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Samantha Ko has recently dismissed the notion that she was the one who asked for the filming of her new drama to be halted after feeling uncomfortable with the script.

As reported on Mingpao, the TVB actress, whose new drama with Owen Cheung, “Falling in Love With You as a Child” (working title) has postponed production for major script rewrites, denied that she went and met with TVB Executive Catherine Tsang to demand changes to the script.

“How is that possible? Do you know how much the company would lose for a drama to be halted? I didn’t even meet Sister Tsang. I only wait for the company’s arrangement. I don’t have that much power,” she said.

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Samantha with co-star Owen Cheung

Samantha explained that since it was difficult to book locations for a shoot during the pandemic, the producer decided to use the time to hone the script instead so that they will have a better series.

“This is all internal. I consider myself a small potato, how can I participate in such a thing,” she added.

It was rumoured that the drama is now tentatively scheduled to resume shooting in June.

(Photo Source: Samantha Ko Instagram)