Roxanne Tong wants all marriage rumours to end once and for all, stating that she and boyfriend Kenneth Ma are not heading that way anytime soon.

As reported on On CC, the TVB actress, who found herself responding to marriage and engagement rumours almost every month since announcing her relationship with Kenneth in June last year, stated that their relationship is still very new for them to take that leap.

“We’ve only dated a few months. Just treat us like any other regular couple. Who would get married only after a few months of dating?” she said, adding that they weren’t even dating that long prior to their announcement.

Roxanne and Kenneth went public with their relationship just last June

However, Roxanne stressed that she is the one who has her issues when it comes to getting married, saying that she needs a long time to communicate with her significant other before deciding on such a major life decision.

“I don’t want to think about these things so soon,” she added.

For the time being, the actress hopes to earn more money to help her family.

“They spent a lot of money when I went overseas for my studies. My father wouldn’t have to work so hard if it wasn’t for me,” she added.

Roxanne’s dad’s birthday!

(Photo Source: Roxanne Tong Instagram)