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Rose Leslie has recently been cast to star in her first series since giving birth to her first child – the HBO’s series adaptation of Audrey Niffenegger’s novel, “The Time Traveler’s Wife”.

The actress, who is best known for playing Ygritte in “Game of Thrones” and Gwen Dawson in “Downton Abbey”, will be playing the fiery and clever Clare, whose relationship with her time travelling husband Henry is filled with challenges and adventure.

Playing the time traveller himself is Theo James, most known for his performance in the “Divergent” franchise. This will be James’ first HBO series.

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Theo James will star alongside Leslie in his first HBO series

The original novel revolves around the complicated love story between Henry and Clare due to Henry’s condition. The series was ordered by HBO in 2018 to be written by “Sherlock” showrunner, Steven Moffat.

The official synopsis released by HBO is as follows:

“Henry has a problem. Since he was eight years old he’s been time travelling. It’s not a superpower, it’s a condition – he can’t help it. Sometimes, when Henry is stressed or worried – and sometimes for no reason at all – he loses his grip on the current moment and falls naked into the past or the future. One minute he’s making breakfast, the next he’s naked at a hoedown in 1973. He can be stuck there for minutes or months, he never knows. His life is a roller-coaster of constant danger and white-knuckle survival. Until one day he meets a beautiful redhead in the library where he works. Her name is Clare Abshire and although he’s never seen her before, she claims to have known him all her life. Finally his curse has given him something good – and Clare and Henry are about to have the time of their lives.”

It is noted that the book was previously adapted to film back in 2009, starring Rachel McAdams and Eric Bana.

The novel was previously adapted into a movie in 2009