Pia Wurtzbach recently admitted that there was a time in her life that she was submissive in her relationship – a story that she shared as a lesson to all women.

In a podcast called “Between Us Queens” where she spoke with fellow beauty queens Carla Lizado and Bianca Guidotti, the Miss Universe 2015 stated that she used to be a different person prior to her involvement in pageants and showbiz, especially when it comes to her love life.

Admitting that she was a very submissive girlfriend, Pia revealed, “I didn’t fight back even when I knew something was wrong. I didn’t really have a voice.”

“I chose [my boyfriend] instead of my career. I picked him over hanging out with my friends, over spending time with my family. It was as if he was my world. I gave a lot of things. I gave up my career. I stopped doing the jobs that I was doing, which also meant I didn’t have an income. So I had nothing,” she said.

“One day, I just woke up and I realised that I didn’t want this anymore. I just woke up and I left,” she stated, saying that she went to her sister Sarah for advice before doing so.

Pia also revealed that she only had P100 in her wallet when she walked out on the relationship.

“I didn’t have money. I didn’t have a job. I didn’t have anything. I had to rebuild myself again from zero,” she added.

The beauty queen stated that if there is one thing to learn from her experience, it would be that no woman should be a ‘yes girl’ all the time. 

“Sometimes breakups don’t end in big fights, but a gradual decaying of your soul,” she said, adding that it is best for a person to have some self-love.

Pia is currently dating travel-editor and entrepreneur Jeremy Jauncey.

Pia with boyfriend Jeremy Jauncey

(Photo Source: Pia Wurtzbach Instagram)