Naomi Fung has recently dismissed allegations made by the wife of singer Steven Cheung that she has been harassing their family in an attempt to recoup her money that they borrowed.

As reported on On CC, the issue sparked recently, when Steven’s wife, former model Au Man Man took to social media to mention the actress by name, thanking her for lending them HKD20,000 and saying that they have even borrowed from a finance company to repay half of the money back to her – promising that they will pay the other half in two months.

However, in the same post, Man Man shared that they were harassed by debt collectors and blasted Naomi for allegedly threatening her mother to repay their debts. She also clarified all the suspicions expressed by the actress about her and Steven’s lifestyles – including their big house and their ability to care for their pet dogs while having financial problems.

When asked about Man Man’s recent post, Naomi dismissed that she had hired people to harass the family and threaten them, saying that Steven and his wife should go to the police if such a thing had occurred.

Naomi Fung says Steven and his wife should stop using their children to shield them from criticisms

Naomi admitted that she did question the couple’s lifestyle, saying that people living a normal life would not have a house with a garden where they could raise animals and hire a maid.

“After receiving half of the amount, I had no longer pursued the debt. I hope Steven would pay me back as soon as he gets his money… I hope that they can earnestly find jobs to repay the creditors, instead of using their children and pets to shield them from criticisms,” she said, adding that she discourages the unhealthy trend of borrowing money and not repaying.

(Photo Source: Naomi Fung Instagram, Steven Cheung Instagram)