Nabila Huda frustrated over broken promises, celeb, nabila huda, news, theHive.Asia

Nabila Huda recently expressed her frustrations over a certain irresponsible production studio that had failed to pay her on time following the completion of her work.

On 6 March, the actress took to social media to lament on a recent experience, saying that the other party did not honour the contract stipulating that she should be paid 14 days after the work has been completed.

“The ‘great’ thing about this is that we’re the ones who had to send them messages to remind them to pay us. Why? Why this kind of things are never resolved?” she said.

Nabila, who stressed that she is not the kind of person who could tolerate broken promises, revealed that actors constantly have to face such problems.

“At least you could send a message and tell us [the problem] instead of making us call you,” she said, adding that studios should find ways to communicate with actors if there were any issues. “Us actors have feelings too. We have other matters to attend to as well.”

Nabila added that the hardest thing to digest is when an actor has already given their best in their work but then have to “understand” the studio’s issues that have nothing to do with them.

“Why do we have to sign a contract then? Can anyone explain? Am I the stupid one here?” she retorted.

Nabila stressed that she was not saying that all production studios are doing the same thing, but that even the few were still damaging to actors.

“You want people to give their best for your product, but you yourself failed. Where’s your responsibility? I am actually disgusted at the notion of fighting about money. But it’s my salary and you should know your job and respect that your talents that have given their 100 percent efforts for your product.” 

Nabila added that studios should be more organised and systematic in the year 2021 when everything is already technologically advanced and modern, rather than being a ‘loser’ with an antediluvian work ethics.

Her rants had since received a lot of support from other actors including Eira Syazira, Catriona Ross, and Fizz Fairuz, the latter who commented, “Yes, I agree. Somehow we have to bear their problems when it’s not ours to shoulder.”

Another Instagram follower, who is a scriptwriter, agreed with her as well, saying that scriptwriters are also victimised by these studios.

Nabila Huda frustrated over broken promises, celeb, nabila huda, news, theHive.Asia
Fizz Fairuz (right) also expressed agreement with Nabila’s laments

(Photo Source: Nabila Huda Instagram, Fizz Fairuz Instagram)