Myolie Wu recently stated that she has no qualms making a TVB comeback, whether or not Eric Tsang is now the Deputy General Manager in Variety and Infotainment.

As reported on Mingpao, the actress, who spoke to the media at an event in Causeway Bay, shared that she will always regard TVB as her family and would never say no if they were to seek for her help.

“If they approach me [with a project], of course I will welcome it. TVB will always be a family,” she reiterated.

When mentioned that the remuneration may not be as good as the ones she was offered in mainland China, Myolie stated that one never talks about money with one’s “parents”.

“The most important thing is a happy collaboration, a good script, and a suitable role. I haven’t made a TVB drama for four years. I recently went back to TVB City to visit Nancy Wu, who was filming “Big White Duel II”. I got to greet the staff behind the scenes that day. Everybody was very happy,” she said.

Myolie with sons Brendan and Ryan.

The actress and husband Philip Lee tied the knot in 2015, and welcomed their first son Brendan in 2017. Their second child Ryan was born in 2019. Myolie is currently eight months pregnant with her third child and she is still mum about the gender of her baby.

“I’ll wait for everybody’s guess and reveal it after the baby is born,” she said.

The happy family will be welcoming an addition soon

(Photo Source: Myolie Wu Instagram)