Now that his series, “Armed Reaction 2021” is ending, Moses Chan revealed that he will be travelling to mainland China to start shooting “Big White Duel II”.

As reported on Mingpao, the actor, who appeared at the press conference to celebrate the finale of the series, shared that he will be setting off to Shenzhen for the new drama and will let wife Aimee Chan manage the household while he is gone.

“I am fortunate to have my wife. I really have to rely on her to help me with many things. We will be shooting for a month and we will have a total of a month’s quarantine to go through as well. I won’t be able to see the kids for two months,” he said.

Asked if his children are fine with him leaving, Moses admitted that they didn’t want him to go.

Moses with wife and kids during the Lunar New Year

“I hope I can return to Hong Kong in April to celebrate my birthday, as well as Aimee’s and our daughter’s birthday. If I can’t make it, I will make it up later,” he added.

He admitted that he has already started on his quarantine, and has been using the time to exercise and relax, as well as to resolve business matters without needing to worry about everything else.

Moses married fellow TVB actress Aimee Chan in June 2013. The couple are the proud parents to three children; sons Aiden Joshua, 8, and Nathan Lucas, 6, and daughter Camilla, 5.

(Photo Source: Moses Chan Instagram, Aimee Chan Instagram)