After a year of living in Bali, Maxene Magalona recently announced that she is back in the Philippines.

The actress shared the good news on 11 March with a photo of her on the bed, which she geotagged ‘Manila, Philippines’, captioning it, “Mabuhay [Philippines].”

Friends including Samantha Lewis, Isabel Oli and Chyna Ortaleza also took to the comments to express their happiness over her return, with the latter writing, “Welcome back!!!”

Maxene is in quarantine for two weeks in a Makati hotel

Maxene, who is currently quarantining herself in a hotel in Makati, posted another photo a few hours later, writing, “There are moments when I still can’t believe that I’m finally back in Manila after living in Bali for more than a year. Being on a tropical island for a long time and then having to come back to a city will not be the smoothest transition.”

“Thankfully, I have to stay in quarantine for a couple of weeks before I can “go back to the real world” which will give me enough time to adjust. This is definitely going to be something new to me as we weren’t living in strict lockdown in Bali. Everyone was free to go around whenever and wherever. So instead of resisting and complaining about not having as much freedom as I used to, I’ve decided to use this time in quarantine for self-reflection, detoxification and integration.”

(Photo Source: Maxene Magalona Instagram)