Nearly four years after announcing her relationship with non-showbiz boyfriend Xu Wennan, Li Bingbing recently admitted that they are no longer together.

As reported on Mingpao, the “Meg” actress shared as much during a magazine interview, saying that she is now back to being single.

“We actually decided to end the relationship after a long discussion. He is a very kind person, full of sunshine. Although we’re no longer dating, we became even closer,” she said.

Li, who found that dating a man younger than her came with lots of speculations and accusations from the outside world, stated that it was easy to be shaken up no matter how strong the relationship was.

Li Bingbing and her then boyfriend in happier times

Xu was previously accused of using Li to pay off his large debt, a rumour that she had vehemently denied.

“I always thought that a good love will allow people to see the whole world through one person… but people thought he had malicious intent towards me. Love requires both parties to be happy. If only one of us is happy, then that’s not good,” she said.

(Photo Source: Li Bingbing Instagram, Mingpao)