After the success of “Breathing is Hazardous”, Karen Mok recently surprised fans with a new single titled, “To Shed a Tear For You”.

As reported on Mingpao, the singer, who released her new song on 19 March, revealed that she was contacted by music producer Juno Mak about releasing another song while she was in Europe with her husband Johannes last year.

It is noted that Karen and Juno previously worked together in the 2015 song, “Blemish”.

“We worked together to produce a work and so the song was born. The lyrics reveal how I feel after the success of “Breathing is Hazardous” last year. After working hard outside for many years, I was touched to achieve good results when I returned to Hong Kong with a new song. I was moved by the silent love and support from fans,” she said.

Karen stated that the title of the song was inspired by her old movie “A Chinese Odyssey Part Two: Cinderella”, in which her character Pak Jingjing saw how her lover Joker (Stephen Chow) had fallen for Zixia (Athena Chu) instead after seeing how he left a single tear at the latter leaving.

“The hidden message in the lyrics is that if one day I am to part with the fans, will everybody still miss me?” she said.

On the other hand, Karen, whose Hong Kong concert was postponed earlier due to the pandemic, revealed that she is planning to hold it in June this year and is looking forward for everything to go well.

Karen is planning for a June concert for her Hong Kong fans

(Photo Source: Karen Mok Instagram)