Kakai Bautista had to deactivate her Twitter account recently following the backlash over her positive take on the pandemic.

The issue sparked last week, when the comedienne tweeted, “I stopped patronizing Duterts and Robredo. I tried focusing on the advantages of the pandemic. And the lessons it has brought us.”

“I realized that life become shorter and I want to live it more by being grateful. I pray. A lot,” she added.

Her tweet had since been slammed by many, who claimed that Bautista has the privilege to let her see the sunny side of things while the poor and needy are struggling to even put food on the table due to the rising number of cases and the country’s supposed failure to contain the surge of COVID-19 cases.

After deactivating her Twitter account, Bautista took to Facebook to clarify herself, saying that she is neither pro-Duterte nor anti-Robredo.

“I might have hurt some people with my tweets recently but it doesn’t mean that I am not aware of what is happening to us,” she added.

The comedienne stressed that everybody is affected by the pandemic, including her, and that she just wanted to give hope to everybody despite the struggles and hardship.

“Let us guard our minds and hearts. If you want to get angry, or rant, go ahead and release it, but I hope we don’t fight with people who are also fighting in their own way. [Goodness guys], I’m not privileged. It’s just a coincidence that I’m here now in this state but it doesn’t mean it wasn’t difficult. I just want to be as positive in thinking as I can. That’s all I can share with you, the gratefulness I learned in spite of everything,” she expressed. “We may have different lives and states, but we all cling to the same thing. You are not alone. Don’t forget that.”

(Photo Source: Kakai Bautista Instagram)