JJ Lin has turned 40 and yet looking not a day over 30.

The singer recently had a big bash (one of the few) to celebrate his entry into the 40s club, which has already found ‘membership’ in the likes of Jay Chou and Jimmy Lin – two of his celeb friends who also attended the black-tie event held on 27 March.

JJ had himself a very debonair-looking birthday event
Jimmy Lin was also spotted at the birthday bash

Sharing photos from the said event on his Instagram recently, JJ wrote, “It is really difficult to express the happiness in my heart completely with photos. For this year’s birthday, I told myself to celebrate with my colleagues and friends around me within 24 hours. I really did my best!”

“It’s a high-profile celebration, so we arranged an unprecedented album + concert conference, and a 007-themed birthday party! Thank you so many friends who love me for your company and unforgettable support over the years!” he said, adding that the next stage of his life will be more fulfilling and exciting.

Among other guests at the event include Nini Ouyang, Harry and Bryan Chang, as well as Windie Zhang.

Windie and producer Alex D. at the party

It is noted that JJ also announced his first English EP “Like You Do” following his birthday, and revealed that he will be releasing an upcoming duet with a female singer whose identity will be revealed next month.

Friends and fans alike took to social media to wish the singer happy birthday, including Jay Chou, who cheekily added that he should hurry up and find himself a Mrs Lin.

Shawn Yue also said the same, stating, “You’re 40 already. Time to think about the next stage of life; marriage and babies.”

Jay Chou wants JJ Lin to finally settle down

In past interviews, JJ admitted that there had been some pressure from his family for him to get married in the first five years of his career. However, he assured that his mother is more relaxed about the topic now and would leave it all to fate.

He also announced “The Next Big Thing”, including a virtual concert and the release of his EP
JJ also had another birthday bash earlier
And another one at the press conference for his “The Next Big Thing 327”

(Photo Source: JJ Lin Instagram)