Liza Soberano was not the only actress who was unhappy with how the pandemic situation in the Philippines is unfolding, as Janine Gutierrez has also recently spoken up about her frustrations with the system.

On 23 March, the opinionated actress took to Twitter to express her thoughts about the rising number of COVID cases in the country, writing, “Such indifference. Filipinos have been enduring for a year, and instead of providing a solution, your only advise is to keep enduring and not complain?”

“Until when? Filipinos are obedient and understanding, if only there was a sensible person to rely on,” she added.

When a netizen responded and said that Filipinos are not the only people who are suffering due to the pandemic, she replied, “I am happy that you can endure. But we have many countrymen who could die if they were to continue to endure. This complaint is for them.”

Janine Gutierrez is very concerned for her fellow Filipinos, especially the poor

It is noted that the COVID-19 cases in the Philippines have reached nearly 700,000 after the Department of Health announced 6,666 more cases on 24 March. It had prompted the government to announce stricter quarantine measures for locations within a new Metro Manila-Rizal-Bulacan-Cavite-Laguna bubble, which would further hurt the poor living in those areas.

(Photo Source: Janine Gutierrez Instagram)