Netizens were not the only ones who were highly entertained by the viral compilation video of Teenage Groot being translated by a fan, as director James Gunn also seemed to enjoy it.

On 23 March, the filmmaker shared the said video on Twitter, writing, “This video is going around with the “actual” translations of Groot lines from the script (which, yes, I always have). The last one “Dad” is correct (because I’ve shared this before).”

“The others are close, good guesses, but not exact. Still good work!” he added, giving the video his stamp of approval.

The video, which was made by a TikTok user by the name of @nerdstar, features Teenage Groot’s most popular clips, but with actual words in the subtitles accompanying the character’s “I am Groot” lines – including one where he expressed his need to go take a leak and Rocket expressing surprise when Thor understood what Groot was saying.

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Teenage Groot constantly has his face buried in video games

In subsequent tweets, Gunn also admitted that Teenage Groot likes to drop the F-bombs.

He also replied to a fan’s question as to whether Vin Diesel, who voiced the adult Groot, knew the actual lines when he recorded them, saying, “Yes, Vin has his own script with what Groot is saying. He works really hard at getting the meaning of each line as well as he can.”

The character is expected to appear in the upcoming “Thor: Love and Thunder”, which is currently filming in Australia.

James Gunn admits that Vin Diesel knew what Groot was actually saying when he voiced the character in the first “Guardian of the Galaxy”
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Groot is expected to return in “Thor: Love and Thunder”