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Izara Aishah recently stressed that she has no ill-intention in her recent tweets where she questioned production companies’ tendency of casting social media influencers rather than real actors in their movies and TV shows.

The actress, who spoke to the media at the launch of Datuk Seri Siti Nurhaliza’s new song and beverage brand in Skyglass, Cyberjaya regarding her tweets, stated that she was only concerned over the intention of some of these influencers who were not really passionate about the arts in the first place.

“During my time, we had to audition. We really were passionate about acting and some of us went to drama school prior to joining the industry. The efforts we made were very different from what it is now,” she said.

Izara added that these Instagram celebrities should make an effort to join acting classes if they were serious about the craft instead of disappearing after only a short time.

As for the notion that these influencers would bring in more viewership, Izara dismissed it by saying that not all social media followers would watch a drama just because of their favourite influencers.

She expressed, “Look at Sharifah Amani. Look at how many people who would watch a drama she’s in. You can’t judge based on how many followers a person has. That’s not effective.”

“I am not saying I am against such method of casting. You can cast anybody you want, but it should be through auditions. Do it the right way. If the person really has the talent to act and is really disciplined, then you should pick them. But don’t choose them by how they look and the number of their followers,” she added.  

The most recent dramas with the highest ratings – “Takdir yang Tertulis” and “Aku Yang Kau Gelar Isteri” did not cast Instagram influencers as its leads. 

(Photo Source: Izara Aishah Instagram)