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New Line Cinema recently announced that it has already found a director for the upcoming animated/live-action movie, “Hello Kitty”.

The studio revealed that animation veterans Jennifer Coyle and Leo Matsuda will be co-directing the said hybrid project. Coyle is known for animated series like HBO Max’s “Harley Quinn” and FOX’ “Bob’s Burgers”, while Matsuda has worked on various Disney titles including “Big Hero 6” and “Zootopia”.

Said Matsuda, “Growing up in Brazil with a Japanese family, I was surrounded by the whimsy of Hello Kitty and it served as a reminder that it’s okay to be different. Along with Jen, FlynnPictureCo. and New Line, I am delighted by this incredible opportunity to work with one of the most universally beloved characters and expand their relatable Sanrio stories even further.”

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Leo Matsuda has worked in several Disney and DreamWorks animations

harley quinn
HBO Max’s “Harley Quinn” was among Jennifer Coyle’s most recent works

The screenplay is penned by Lindsey Beer, who has written movies like “Masters of the Universe”, “The Kingkiller Chronicles”, and “Transformers: The Last Knight”.
No details have been released regarding the storyline of the upcoming movie.
The film marks the only time Sanrio has granted film rights to Hello Kitty and its other popular characters to a major film studio.