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Hana Kuk is not at all worried about the fate of Voice Entertainment artistes, despite being only one of the few who will be performing at this year’s “Pok Oi Charity Show”, unlike in previous years, to make way for singers from other record labels to shine as well.

As reported on Mingpao, the singer, who spoke to the media at the press conference for the said event recently, dismissed the concern over the dramatic drop in the number of Voice’s singers performing following the reunion between TVB and other major record labels, saying that all of them will take turns performing on TVB shows.

“I hope that there will be more music programmes in the future so that audiences will get to see different performers and a variety of voices. That way, they will fall in love with Cantonese songs again,” she said.

Hana, who is set to perform with Universal Music singer AGA at the event, also stated that it is good for Voice singers as well to have performers from other record labels, as it meant that they are able to work with various singers.

“This way, it will also help me develop more in my music,” she added.

(Photo Source: Hana Kuk Instagram)