Hael Husaini recently dismissed the notion that he was disappointed with Nabila Razali’s performance at the recent Anugerah Juara Lagu, despite the many criticisms coming the singer’s way for her supposedly lacklustre vocals.

Hael, who wrote Nabila’s song, “Peluang Kedua” and sang it himself during the semi-final last year, stated that he is proud of the singer for performing the song herself at the final, no matter what others think.

“I am proud of her performance. Although she was in a lot of stress from other people’s perception, she tried to be positive and still did her best,” he said.

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Nabila Razali apologised to Hael on her social media for not winning anything in AJL

Hael stated that the fact that the song made it to Top 12 was a success of its own, and that he will continue to pray for the singer’s future successes.

“It’s okay for her to feel disappointed for not placing anything. It’s good, and it will make her work even harder in the future,” he added.

On the other hand, Hael, who had won first prize in the 32nd and 33rd edition of the annual music competition, stated that he was not at all saddened by his loss that night, and was happy that “Belenggu Rindu” – another song that he wrote for Jamal Abdillah and Wany Hasrita – won third prize.

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Hael previously performed “Peluang Kedua” for Nabila at the Semi-Final of the said competition

(Photo Source: Hael Husaini Instagram, Nabila Razali Instagram)