The upcoming “Missing You Leslie Cheung” virtual concert has added two more performers to its line-up in the likes of Sam Hui and Hacken Lee.

As reported on Apple Daily, Hacken, who spoke to the media about his participation, stated that he would be performing Leslie’s song, “For Your Heart Only” at the upcoming concert, saying that it was a favourite of his that he has repeatedly performed in his own shows.

Asked if he knew Leslie in person, Hacken said that he and the late singer share a lot of mutual friends and so, they used to stumble across each other at dinner parties.

“I even had the fortune of singing karaoke with him. It was like winning the lottery,” he said.

Hacken will be performing ‘For Your Heart Only’ at the concert

The special virtual commemorative concert is in remembrance of Leslie’s 18th year of passing

On the other hand, Sam Hui, who also previously held his own online show, will be performing Leslie’s “Silence is Golden”.

Previously, it was reported that Karen Mok and Julian Cheung will be involved in the said show, with Karen performing “Blamefully Beautiful” and Julian to sing “The Wind Continues to Blow” at the show.

The upcoming concert will be held on 1 April. All proceeds from the show will be donated to Food Angel HK to help those in need.

Sam Hui had once performed with Leslie in the ’90s

Leslie is remembered with much love

He was always the suave guy

(Photo Source: Leslie Cheung Fans Instagram, Hacken Lee Instagram
, Apple Daily, Singtao)