Freddie Fernandez, the President of the Malaysian Artistes Association (Karyawan) is urging celebrities to not spread anti-vaccine misinformation to the public.

Fernandez, who acknowledged the existence of a few artistes who are speaking against vaccination, told Bernama that spreading such misinformation is a step backward from what the government hopes to achieve in this fight against COVID-19.

“Our industry is one of the most affected since the pandemic started, so these artistes should realise that vaccinations could help us return to normalcy and enable us to continue our craft and making ends meet,” he said.

He also stressed that even the Prime Minister himself decided to lead the way and become the example by taking the vaccination.

“Why are we saying no to it when it could help us and others to be protected from getting infected by COVID-19?” he added.

Several Malaysian celebrities, some which are infamous for being anti-vaxxers, have recently expressed publicly that they will not be taking the vaccination, including one who made false claims that there has been no vaccine in existence that has “cured” a disease.

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The Prime Minister received his vaccine back in late February

(Photo Source: Astro Awani, Berita Harian)