Amid concerns over the various changes and restructuring that have been happening on TVB since Eric Tsang’s appointment as TVB Deputy General Manager and Special Advisor to the Executive Committee, the actor-producer recently made an appearance on one of the broadcaster’s show to assure those involved that they are safe.

As reported on Mingpao, Eric recently made his appearance on the lifestyle variety talk show, “Young and Restless”, where he spoke about the status of the said show.

When one of the hosts mentioned that audiences were worried about rumours of cuts, Eric laughed and said, “It is the hosts who care about this matter. It has nothing to do with the audience.”


Eric assures the hosts of ‘Young and Restless’ that they have nothing to worry about

“Don’t be afraid. Even if the show is to be cut, you will all host other more important programmes,” he added, though assured that the show’s status is unchanged since it is a property of TVB.

In a later interview with “TVB Entertainment News”, Eric stated that there had been too many rumours from the outside world that had prompted him to appear in various TVB variety shows to assure all that they are safe.

“Young and Restless must continue. New contents will be conceived for the show,” he added.

(Photo Source: Luk Ho Ming Instagram, Mingpao)