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Elly Mazlein recently expressed elation over the reception to her new single, “Dusta Cinta”, composed by singer Aina Abdul.

The multi-talented artiste, whose new song has received nearly 200,000 views on YouTube since it premiered on 27 February, stated that she was honoured to work with Aina, of whom she highly respects.

“Although she is still considered a newcomer, Aina has extensive knowledge in the music industry,” she said, adding that she has been a fan of Aina since the singer released “Sumpah” in 2019.

Elly said that she immediately fell in love with the beauty of Dusta Cinta’s melody that it didn’t take her long to accept the song from the “Mentor” alumna.

“Aina really studied my vocal character and knew how far I could take it, so the song was tailored to my vocals and comfort. It took me only three hours to record it,” she said.

As for the Korean lyrics in the said song, Elly stated that she has always been a fan of South Korean entertainment and wanted to sing one. She added that this fact alone had attracted a lot of fans’ attention.

Prior to “Dusta Cinta”, Elly released a cover version of the viral hit, “Empat Dara” with Faizal Tahir and Zizi Kirana.

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“Dusta Cinta” is composed by Aina Abdul with Wan Zakaria writing the lyrics

(Photo Source: Elly Mazlein Instagram, Aina Abdul Instagram)