Elizabeth Tan has recently expressed her apology for not telling fans about her wedding before it went viral on social media.

In a statement released by the singer’s camp, Tan, who is known as Lizzy to her fans, stated that she had wanted to make the announcement as soon as she is ready to do so, and was not planning to make a big fuss about it as she considered it a “small issue” – that was until the photos and videos made its round on the internet.

“Yesterday’s ceremony was very intimate and small in compliance with the standard operating procedure, and was only attended by ten guests who were my family members and close acquaintances,” she added.

She also apologised for not being able to invite other family members as well as members of the media to her wedding, though stressed that nothing has changed despite her now being a married woman.

“I am still the same Lizzy. And I hope everyone can accept and respect my decision,” she added.

Elizabeth Tan is off the market now 
She also posted a video of her playing with a skateboard on social media, similar to the one shared by her husband Siew Jim on his social media account earlier, and wrote, “Married or not, I am still the same person.”
News of her marriage made headlines recently when a series of videos and photos were posted by a family member online.
Back in February, Tan surprised many when she shared a photo of her in a wedding dress, though then assured that it was just for a music video for her new single, “Beku”.
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That was a false alarm, it was not her wedding but for a music video 

(Photo Source: The Star, Elizabeth Tan Instagram)