After surviving uterine cancer in March 2019, Elaine Jin revealed that she had recently been diagnosed with stage 1B breast cancer.

As reported on Mingpao, the award-winning actress, who launched her own YouTube channel, shared that she decided to share her story so that her fans would hear about it from her and so that she can advise and remind everyone to pay attention and to check their physical conditions. She added that just like her previous cancer battle, she found out about it before the Lunar New Year.

Said Elaine, she was doing stretching exercises one day when she suddenly felt a lump in her left chest. Not one to tempt fate, she decided to go to the doctor immediately to have it checked.

Elaine urged everyone to check themselves for the sake of their health

It was not until the fifth day of the Year of the Ox that the doctor confirmed that she has cancer and immediately scheduled for a surgery to remove the tumour.

Elaine said that she was fortunate that it was only stage 1B, which means that the tumour was smaller. However, she still has to undergo the subsequent series of treatment.

“Although I was diagnosed with cancer, it was the luckiest of luck,” she said.

The actress, who couldn’t help but make fun of herself for “kept getting cancer”, then urged everybody to undergo physical examination and to go see the doctor if there is something concerning about their physical health.

(Photo Source: Mingpao, i-yl.com)