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Having done a lot of charity work for the past year, Ashraf Muslim recently revealed that he is set to establish his own organisation for such purposes.

The actor, who spoke about his intention recently, stated that the dream of setting up his own NGO started after he began carrying out humanitarian relief missions including the recent Special Flood Relief Mission at the Kampung Lechar Mosque in Ulu Dong, Pahang which was badly destroyed.

“I have already thought of the name of the organisation, but I can’t share it yet. God willing, I will announce it soon. This is because I am still in the process of registering it,” he said. “I have always wanted to do this, but it’s just now that the path is finally opened.”

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On the road with his team to lend a few helping hands

Ashraf stated that since a lot of filming activities could not be done due to the Movement Control Order, it was a blessing for him to use his time to help the needy.

“I do not deny that my income is somewhat declining, but I believe in God’s provision. I did not have any income during the MCO period. Yes, it’s been tough, but I can still help people, may God help me too,” he said.

As for the recent relief mission in Ulu Dong, the actor stated that he was happy that he and his team were able to raise over RM18,000 to help with the reconstruction of the mosque.

(Photo Source: Ashraf Muslim Instagram)