Anita Yuen is elated for the chance to finally work with the legendary actor Chow Yun Fat in their new movie.

As reported on Oriental Daily, the actress, who admitted that she waited 29 years for the opportunity, is the leading lady in Chow’s new movie, “Be Water, My Friend”, which has been in production for around two years.

“I am very happy. As an actor, to be able to work with Chow is such good luck. I can finally stop waiting!” she enthused.

Anita’s wait to work with Chow Yun Fat is finally over

Anita also stated that she was deeply influenced by Chow’s passion and lifestyle since they collaborated, adding jokingly that she had since become more easy-going.

Though not much information has been released about the movie, many speculated that it may be an extension of Chow’s old 1989 movie, “All About Ah Long” due to the subject matter concerning the relationship between a father and son.

No news as to when exactly the movie is scheduled for release this year.


(Photo Source: Anita Yuen Instagram, Asian Film Strike)