Angelababy has recently deleted two photos from her social media after netizens decided to over-interpret the significance of it to her marriage to Huang Xiaoming.

As reported on Tencent, the incident sparked recently, after the actress posted a couple of photos of two different paintings in pink and captioning it “Pink mood”.

The first painting was of a bride against a pink background, while another was a picture of a couple, with the woman asking “Are you cheating on me?” with the man responding, “No, I’m not”, and the words, “The truth is not important. Happy Valentine’s Day” written on the bottom.

The two paintings that sparked speculations of marital woes

While the post seemed to be her way of showing her good mood, many netizens seemed to have read too much into it, with some speculating that Angelababy was hinting that her actor husband might be cheating on her, and that the second painting might have replaced the one with the bride to show her current status.

Some also speculated that the paintings were gifts from Huang to her to apologise for his infidelity.

In response to the speculations, Angelababy, who has already denied marriage woes time and time again, took to the comments and said that she shared the paintings simply because they were beautiful.

“Please do not over-interpret it. The first painting was by Liu Ying, and the second one from nuttsh,” she added.

However, after much deliberation, the actress decided to remove the post altogether to stop further speculations about the state of marriage with her husband, and replaced it with another darker-toned painting to represent her mood – with some now speculating that the whole issue has turned her mood sour.

(Photo Source: Angelababy Instagram, Tencent)