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Amyza Aznan recently stated that she will not say no to the possibility of her son Adrian becoming a singer in the future.

The actress, whose performance with her son on a recent singing competition went viral after the 13 year-old stunned many with his vocal prowess, stated that she will let Adrian decide for himself if he wants to become a performer in the future.

“I will not hinder it. I will be supportive of what he wants. As long as he can divide his time properly and not play around, I’m okay with it,” she said.

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Adrian is called a ‘superstar in the making’  

She also thanked everyone for their positive and encouraging comments to Adrian, after she and her son’s performance of Ernie Zakri’s “Ku Bersuara” and Mariah Carey’s “Emotion” on the show enabled them to win the RM10,000 prize.
“It’s all Adrian. Our victory came from his hard work. The fact that he was able to show his capability in front of the jury and not be shy was a proud enough moment for me,” she said.
Amyza also revealed on social media that she and her son had also received praise from legendary actress Fauziah Nawi, who complimented her confidence level and Adrian’s “simply awesome” performance. It is noted that Amyza herself received a lot of praises from netizens for taking a step back on the show so that her son could show off his ability.

(Photo Source: Amyza Aznan Instagram)