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Altimet recently revealed that he has donated his van to NGO One Nation in an effort to help those in need.

On 27 February, the rapper shared a video where he revealed the Jariah Ambulans One Nation X Altimet project, saying that he decided to collaborate with the organisation after finding out that the country has a lack of ambulances to be used to carry patients, especially those who could not afford a private ambulance and in dire need of one.

“We want to help these poor people in need of ambulance with a lower price than the current price,” said Ustaz Halim Hafidz of One Nation in an interview with the rapper.

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Altimet: To adequately equip an ambulance is expensive

In his caption, Altimet revealed that the cost of transforming a normal van into an ambulance equipped with medical supplies needed was very expensive, not to mention that the van itself is not cheap.

“Last week I handed over my company van to be renovated by One Nation into an ambulance. So the cooperation between One Nation and Altimet was sealed. I set up a van, One Nation – through public donations – bear the cost of renovation and the purchase of advanced equipment for medical needs in an ambulance,” he wrote.

“Thank you all the donors. May your reward flow in as fast as an ambulance wheel. Your contribution can save lives. Not to mention when used by the mustadh’afeen (the weak) who really need it. We only have around RM35 thousand left to accomplish this noble mission.”

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The rapper indeed has a generous heart

(Photo Source: Altimet Instagram, One Nation Centre Instagram)