Amid rumours of conflict with Warner Music and the record label’s announcement that the two have ended their collaboration, Alfred Hui recently took to social media to confirm that he has indeed left after four years with the company.

On 17 March, the singer posted a long message on social media to express his thoughts about working with Warner, saying that he was proud to be able to release four Cantonese albums in the four years that he was with the label.

Regarding the conclusion of their collaboration, Alfred wrote, “The end of a contract period means that I have completed another stage. Allow me to cheer for myself and say: Come on! For the beginning of another stage, in fact, my mind is full of expectations. I look forward to it. I have more possibilities, just like graduating from university, with a little nervous about the future, but full of expectations.”

Alfred is both nervous and excited for the future

“In the coming days, we will face new challenges. First of all, we have to work hard with our team. There is no established formula or complete system support from a large-scale company. Just like a small store in Hong Kong, we will try our best to explore our own space and follow. Go out of your own way at your own pace and find more possibilities for the Hong Kong music scene,” he added.

The singer also promised to do his best and expressed hope that his fans would continue to support and guide him all the way.

Prior to Warner Music, Alfred was managed by The Voice Entertainment.

(Photo Source: Alfred Hui Instagram)