Steven Ma takes noisy neighbour to court, celeb asia, Steven Ma, theHive.Asia

After it was revealed that he had a row with his upstairs neighbour during the third night of the Lunar New Year, actor Steven Ma recently took to social media to speak about the issue.

As reported on Mingpao, the actor, who went live on Facebook in the morning of 15 February, shared that the issue between him and his upstairs neighbour had been going on for the past year, as he and his family have been suffering from noise nuisance time and time again from the people above them making various commotions – the recent one being sounds of heavy objects falling to the ground being heard from the ceiling of his bedroom, to the hall and corridor.

Steven Ma takes noisy neighbour to court, celeb asia, Steven Ma, theHive.Asia
Steven Ma takes noisy neighbour to court, celeb asia, Steven Ma, theHive.Asia
Lifelong learning indeed, as Steven is currently studying for his Masters in Chinese Medicine at the Hong Kong Baptist University’s School of Chinese Medicine

Steven stated that he lodged a complaint with the management office, and in response, the neighbours decided to call the police instead. However, due to the fact that he himself had called the police on the neighbours several times in the past, there were already records about their issues.

“The police officers already knew what was going on, but it was hard to solve the problem. After the police left, the other party would repeat the same offence,” he added.

The actor added that the wife of the said neighbour had even harassed him outside the door for 15 minutes back in March last year over a complaint, and told him to move somewhere else if he could not stand the noise. However, Steven stressed that he would not move, and that he had chosen a final method through civil litigation.

“The biggest feature of civil litigation is to store all the evidence. I have collected all of them, including audio recordings, video recordings, complaint letters and records. This will be handed over to the judge. If you think about it, there is no need to do this. Some people will continue to repeat the same offence. But people who violate the law must learn a lesson and that everybody has to try their best to find a solution,” he said.

Steven also stressed that he doesn’t care about his public image, saying that the other party even used it to threaten him to keep his silence.

“Some people think that public figures would be afraid of such things. But I am an ordinary citizen too and I have the right. A friend told me to endure it, but I refuse to do so anymore,” he added.

(Photo Source: Steven Ma Instagram)