Following news that Ng Man Tat has been battling liver cancer, the one question seemed to be on everyone’s mind was where’s Stephen Chow and what are his thoughts about this sad news.

Well, according to a report on Epoch Times, the comedy auteur, who has worked in various comedy films with Ng throughout the ’80s and ’90s, really was concerned about the veteran actor’s health condition, and has been asking around about Ng’s situation.

Said Tin Kai Man, who has worked with both Stephen and Ng, many friends have expressed their concerns over Ng’s situation after reports about his liver cancer came out, including Stephen, who was anxious when he contacted Tin about his former frequent collaborator.

“Stephen called to find out about Ng’s situation and see where he can help. He has always cared about his friends, but he is very low-key about it,” Tin said.

Ng Man Tat and Stephen Chow were frequent collaborators back in the day

Tin’s explanation had since quelled rumours of a supposed conflict between Stephen and Ng, which started after the comedy filmmaker no longer worked with the veteran actor in his movies following 2001’s “Shaolin Soccer”.

Back in 2016, however, Ng explained that Stephen had actually offered him a role in “The Mermaid”, but that he has to decline due to his health problems. In an interview sometime last week, Ng also stated that he has no qualms working with Stephen again if such an opportunity arises.

(Photo Source: SOHU, China Times)