K-pop singer Sowon’s camp recently had to release a statement of apology after the singer made the mishap of posing flirtatiously next to a mannequin dressed as a Nazi soldier.

The GFRIEND member sparked backlash on 31 January, when she shared two images of her playfully hugging a dummy that was dressed in a uniform worn by Nazi soldiers during World War II, complete with swastika insignia.

She has since removed the said photo.

One of the photos that sparked backlash

The said photo was revealed to have been taken at Cafe Zino, a restaurant in South Korea’s Paju City back in November, where GFriend filmed their content as part of their album release, “Walpurgis Night”, which was inspired by a German festival.

The group’s agency, Source Music expressed, “We want to apologise for not being able to check for inappropriate props on the set and not being able to thoroughly inspect them during the shoot and uploading process, and failing to give detailed attention to historical facts and linked social issues. We bow our head in apology for causing offense through the video and stills.”

Despite the apology, some netizens have yet to feel satisfied, stating that Sowon herself should release a personal apology instead of relying on her agency’s official statement.

Sowon is a member of the five-member group GFRIEND

This is not the first time that a K-pop star had made a blunder when it comes to symbols and insignia. BTS was criticised back in 2018 after a member wore a hat that featured the Death’s head logo of the Nazi S.S. – the organisation that oversaw the Nazi concentration camps.

In 2013, Jang Hyunseung and HyunA of the duo Trouble Maker had to apologise after wearing a couple hoodie with a design that resembled the Rising Sun Flag of the imperial Japanese army.

The Trouble Maker made trouble after posing with their hoodies