After it was rumoured that Eric Tsang’s insertion into the TVB management will spell big trouble for Sandy Yu due to an alleged past conflict, the TVB executive recently denied yet again any issues with the actor despite being transferred from managing variety shows to promoting business development.

As reported on Mingpao, Sandy, whose husband Herman Ho is also resigning from his post as chairman of TVB music arm Voice Entertainment, stated that she is happy that Eric is taking over, as she had put a lot of effort into developing Big Big Shop and Big Big Channel for the past few years that she was unable to focus on variety shows.

“Eric can do more for traditional media now. I am very happy to think that he will take over the management of variety shows and do it seriously. Meanwhile, I will help Mark [Lee Po On] on overseeing the possibility of new businesses,” she said.

When asked whether her power has been cut by Eric, Sandy stated that she would rather not look at it that way.

Sandy Yu and Eric Tsang in a past photo together, the former is happy to have Eric join the TVB team

“I have talked about power for the past few years. Power has no meaning. There are only responsibility and obligation. The workload in recent years has been so heavy and some people didn’t know what to do. It’s a good thing that someone is coming back to help. I feel a bit relaxed now,” she said.

She also denied the notion of her incompetency following criticisms from viewers about the repetitive nature of TVB variety shows.

“I tried my best. I can’t say that TVB variety shows did not do well in the past. Last year and the year before, we couldn’t do a lot due to the pandemic. This year is the time to work hard,” she said.

(Photo Source: onTVB, Sina)