A former Hong Kong entertainment reporter has recently apologised for the misunderstanding caused by his previous report about Angelababy’s “marriage” to Louis Koo.

As reported on Mingpao, the issue sparked recently, when rumours circulated online that Angelababy has long been divorced from Huang Xiaoming and has remarried to Hong Kong top star Louis Koo.

The actress’ studio had since responded to the rumours, saying that the said rumours have seriously damaged Angelababy’s reputation. They also listed three statements; that are for the netizens to resist such malicious rumours, for people to immediately remove such false statements, and that legal actions will be taken against the original perpetrator.

Following the statement from the studio, the former entertainment reporter took to social media to explain himself, saying that what he actually meant by “marriage” was the cooperation between Louis and Angelababy, after Media Asia announced the establishment of Cool Style with Louis’ One Cool Group, Angelababy’s manager Kim Chou founded Style International and Stephen Fung’s production company FMP.

The reporter added that he was willing to admit his mistake and correct them if they were wrong, stressing that he had no malicious intent against the actress.

Angelababy and hubby Huang Xiaoming tied the knot in 2015, and they have a son.

Celebrity couple Angelababy and Huang Xiaoming

(Photo Source: Mingpao, Straits Times)