Miss Hong Kong alumna and TV personality Rabee’a Yeung recently announced that she and husband Tim Wong are expecting their second child.

On Valentine’s Day, 14 February, Rabee’a shared the good news on social media with several photos of her, the Dear Jane lead singer, and their three year-old daughter wearing all red to celebrate Valentine’s Day, and wrote, “There’s nothing better than sharing the news of LOVE on the day of LOVE! Our second Valentine is on the way! Is it going to be his “former lover” or mine?”

Rabee’a, Tim and their daughter, Tanya Faith
The family of three will soon be four

She also spoke about the pregnancy in a YouTube video that was released on the same day, saying that she began feeling uncomfortable and nauseous back in October, and found out that she was pregnant after taking the pregnancy test with an expired kit.

“I did a few pregnancy tests again after that just to make sure, and then went to a doctor to confirm it,” she said.

Rabee’a also admitted that the pregnancy has not been easy this time, as she experienced insomnia, dizziness and appetite loss in the first two months.

As for Tim, the lead vocalist of Dear Jane said that it was a good start to the new year, and that they will remain vigilant due to the pandemic.

“When I received the news, I was like, “Oh my God! No Way!”. I didn’t believe it would happen,” he admitted, adding that he will take extra care of his wife during this time.

(Photo Source: Rabee’a Yeung Instagram)