Chinese actress Dong Jie is rubbing netizens the wrong way after a clip of her doing a wedding photoshoot with her young son from a show went viral online.

As reported on Sohu, the actress, who wore a wedding dress, gave her son – who wore a suit – a peck on the mouth, an image that was captured on camera. She was also heard asking her son, “Say it again, what do you want?” to which he replied, “Marry you!”

In an interview that was also part of the show, Dong stated that she spends a lot of time with her son and even added that they enjoyed going on dates together.

Netizens who saw the clip expressed their repugnance over the nature of Dong’s relationship with her child, with some saying that she should go and find another man to take wedding pictures with, instead of harming her young son psychologically.

Others stated that Dong would only end up becoming a controlling mother and that anybody who ended up becoming her daughter-in-law in the future would be miserable.

In another clip, the actress could be seen acting like a child with her son, and even asked the latter to coax her like a child.

It is noted that the actress has been more focused on her role as a mother to her son since her divorce from husband Pan Yueming back in 2012.

Many believed that the actress’ son has now assumed the responsibility of protecting his mother, which not only has misaligned the mother-child relationship, but will also cause more issues in the long run.

(Photo Source: Dong Jie Instagram)