Jonathan Wong recently took to social media to warn fans and friends of scammers using his identity to defraud others of their money.

The singer-actor, who recently found out that there are various social media accounts using his name and image to coax his fans and followers into lending ‘him’ large sums of money, posted the warning on his Instagram account on 1 February.

He wrote, “I want to state for the record that THIS ( @jwomusic ) IS MY ONE AND ONLY IG ACCOUNT, and that ANYONE ELSE claiming to be me and reaching out to you (especially through private messages) CANNOT BE TRUSTED.”

Jonathan also gave a stern warning to these scammers, writing, “This is your final warning. Stop now before we take legal action.”

Born in the United States, Jonathan graduated from Cornell University where he double majored in psychology and modern dance. Despite coming from a wealthy family background, Jonathan stressed that he has worked hard to achieve what he has today.

(Photo Source: Jonathan Wong Instagram)