Jinny Ng is in talks with TVB, celeb asia, jinny ng, theHive.Asia

Making her first appearance at a press conference announcing TVB’s reunion with Universal, Warner, and SONY Music, Jinny Ng revealed that she is now in talks with the broadcaster about her contract.

As reported on Mingpao, the singer, who had been on hiatus since giving birth to her second child, stated that she had already spoken to TVB’s Ho Lai Chuen and Virginia Lok following news about Herman Ho departing from Voice Entertainment.

“It was just general stuff. I went from having nothing to where I am now thanks to TVB and Herman [Ho]. The company basically raised me,” she said.

As for claims that she was willing to renew her contract with Voice to get back her position as the top female star from Hana Kuk, Jinny said that she hasn’t thought about it at all.

Jinny Ng is in talks with TVB, celeb asia, jinny ng, theHive.Asia
Hana Kuk is currently Voice Entertainment’s Most Popular Female Singer

“It’s my first day of work since having my baby. My brain has yet to fully focus on it. TVB raised me, Herman raised me, if any side needs help, I would help,” she added.

As for the title of “Big Sister” she previously held in the record label, Jinny joked that she is always the big sister at home.

“My former boss was surnamed Ho, my husband is also a Ho, as well as my kids, and now Ho Lai Chuen is taking over. I am surrounded by people with the surname,” she laughed.

(Photo Source: Jinny Ng Instagram, Hana Kuk Instagram)