A day after she shut down her Instagram and Twitter following the backlash over the Lisa Blackpig controversy, Janna Nick is back on social media to continue promoting her television drama.

On 23 February, the actress posted a photo of her from the set of her TV series, “Marry Me, Senorita” and posted, “You can’t control how other people receive your energy. Anything you do or say gets filtered through the lens of whatever personal things they’re going through. Which is not about you.”
“Just keep doing your thing with as much integrity [and] love as possible,” she added.
Fans and friends were quick to express their support for Janna, with her co-star Daler Yusuf commenting, “People who know you in real life can tell you what kind of person you’re. You’re hardworking, creative, and kind. Always ready to help others. It’s ok we do mistakes and we learn from it. Take care.”
Daler Yusuf giving Janna his support

Meanwhile, boyfriend Dini Schatzmann wrote, “People will always have their own assumptions and opinions about you. But it’s filtered through their own eyes and only what they see about you. At the end of the day only you really know what’s in your heart and your intentions. The people closest to you also know who you are.”
“I know you only have kindness in your heart, which is rare to find. You look for the positive in everything. You sacrifice yourself to help others around you. And your intentions are good. Know that at the end of the day only Allah really knows what’s in your heart. So don’t ever change.”
Nonetheless, fans were quick to notice that Janna has limited the amount of posts in the comments section to include only friends and family members.
Dini Schatzman to Janna: Don’t ever change!

The actress sparked K-pop fans’ anger recently after jokingly promoting her new drama by calling a certain character in the show Lisa Blackpig – a play on the moniker of Lisa Manoban of the K-pop group Blackpink. 
The issue sparked a past controversy in which she and fellow actress Sharifah Sakinah was accused of being disrespectful of the death of SHINEE vocalist Jonghyun – which subsequently started K-pop fans’  #jannanickisgoingtojailparty campaign against her. Janna has since lodged a police report over the threats. 
(Photo Source: Janna Nick Instagram, Daler Yusuf Instagram, Dini Schatzmann Instagram)