Actress and social media influencer Janna Nick has recently lodged a police report against netizens following threats and personal attacks against her by K-pop fans.

The actress, who sparked K-pop fans’ anger after jokingly promoting her new drama by calling a certain character in the show Lisa Blackpig – a play on the moniker of Lisa Manoban of the K-pop group Blackpink, found herself facing a past controversy in which she and fellow actress Sharifah Sakinah were both accused of being disrespectful of the death of SHINEE vocalist Jonghyun.

It is noted that Janna had already explained the situation at the time, and Sakinah herself had stressed that Janna had nothing to do with her mistake.

However, it didn’t seem to faze the K-pop fans at all, who had since started the #jannanickisgoingtojailparty campaign against her.

Janna had since shared online that she had gone to the police with screenshots of these threats against her, saying that action will be taken against these people soon.

The issue sparked after Janna was accused of insulting Lalisa Manoban of Blackpink

She also dismissed once again the allegations that she made fun of the late Jonghyun, stating that the 2018 video resurfaced following the Lisa Blackpig controversy. In the video, Sakinah was heard joking with Janna about her new hairstyle saying that it resembled the K-pop star who “had just died”.

“It’s regrettable that these people decided to interpret the video based on their own understanding instead of what happened. Sakinah has already explained it and apologised back in 2018, and I had also spoken about it,” she said.

Janna also denied that she was being disrespectful towards Lisa, saying that she is a big fan of the Korean culture as well and had once collaborated with Korean stars.

She had since deleted her social media accounts following more backlash.

(Photo Source: Janna Nick Fans Instagram, Blackpink Instagram)