After claiming that she was sexually harassed by a businessman and a male singer during a Weiya celebration late last month, Taiwanese model and internet celebrity Ili Cheng stated that she has no regrets sharing her harrowing experience with others but will not ask other victims to stand up because “it is too hard to be brave”.

As reported on CNA, the model, known to many as the “Chicken Cutlet Girl”, previously revealed on social media that she was asked to “provide special performance” on stage at the said event, and had cried for a long time after returning home. She then decided to donate the money that she earned at the said gig and share her story on the internet instead.

Her post sparked a lot of speculations, with many believing that the male singer in question was Weng Li-you. He had since denied the allegations, adding that he will support Ili if she were to file a complaint and fight for her due rights.

When mentioned about Weng’s post, Ili responded, “I told the truth about what happened that day. It’s not my business what other people want to do.”

The model said that she has no other plans for now, as she had experienced filing a lawsuit in the past and that the process was so exhausting that she never wanted to go through it again.

“In Taiwan, if you’re harassed and shared about your feelings, you will be treated like this. Really, even if I win or commit suicide, people will still not believe me,” she added.

Asked if she had any evidence, Ili stated that the fact that the person’s PR apologised should be evidence enough.

“I didn’t have to slander a singer. I don’t need such publicity. You don’t have to report about me in the future. I don’t care,” she said, adding that her only hope was so that fewer victims will likely be harassed in the future.

“If people with choices do not stand up and speak up for the weak, it will only make the perpetrators more rampant in the future, but I will not ask the victims to stand up bravely, because this bravery is really hard.”

The model added that she feels sad every time she talked about it, as people kept asking her for details.

“When will it be enough? What do I have to do to meet everyone’s expectations?”

(Photo Source: Ili Cheng Instagram)