As the most popular star of Voice Entertainment, Hana Kuk recently stressed that she is not at all concerned over her status – now that the three major record labels Universal, Warner, and SONY Music are back to cooperating with TVB again.

As reported on Mingpao, the singer, who has surpassed Jinny Ng as Voice Entertainment’s biggest singer and even won six accolades at the recent JSG Awards, stated that she has not felt any impact of the changes for the time being and will not worry too much about it.

Jinny Ng was Voice Entertainment’s biggest singer before being surpassed by Hana

“I look forward to more new attempts in the future. The company is getting bigger and bigger and it is a good thing for it to continue blooming. I am looking forward to making more genres of music,” she said.

Hana also added that she hopes that with this new collaboration, she will have more opportunities to work with singers and musicians from different labels.

When asked if she has plans to follow Herman Ho, who recently resigned as chairman of Voice Entertainment to pursue his own music project, Hana said that her contract with Voice is still a long way to go and thus will not be able to entertain such an idea.

(Photo Source: Hana Kuk Instagram, Jinny Ng Instagram)