Hollywood star George Clooney is known for many things, but at least not for giving his children weird names.

And according to the actor-director himself, he and wife Amal have never even thought about giving their three-year old twins wild names just for the sake of being unique and different (*cough*Elon Musk*cough*), as being a child of a world-renowned celebrity is hard enough. Let’s not forget that wife Amal is famous in her own right as a celebrated humanitarian and human-rights lawyer.

“It’s hard being the son of somebody famous and successful. Paul Newman’s son killed himself. Gregory Peck’s son killed himself. Bing Crosby had two sons who kill themselves. I have an advantage because I’m so much older that by the time my son would feel competitive, I’ll literally be gumming bread,” he said.

George and Amal have twins Alexander and Ella

Clooney also stated that he is already prepared for when the time comes that his children, Alexander and Ella, are introduced to social media, saying that he and his wife will be making fun of it enough that it will be embarrassing.

In the same interview, Clooney revealed that he and his wife keep the romance alive during quarantine by writing letters to each other.

“Even in lockdown, I’ll write a letter and slip it on her desk, or she’ll write a letter and leave it under the pillow. I’m a big believer in letters. I have letters from Paul Newman, Walter Cronkite, Gregory Peck. I have them framed. I put them in the house. If it were a text, it would feel different. Maybe that’s a generational thing, and maybe it won’t be that way 20 years from now, but for me, somebody sat down and wrote it,” he said.

George is married to Amal Alamuddin for nearly seven years now